FAQ  6-week program

1. How often does the group meet per week? Once.

2. What is the time commitment? 2 hours per week for the group session.

3. How much does it cost to participate? Prices start at  $1249.99.

4. How many therapy sessions are included in the program?

Private (1 on 1) Therapy sessions are not included. If a participant needs an Individual mental wellness consulting, sessions are available. If you reside in the State of California we do offer therapeutic sessions.

5. Is every session held through zoom? Every session is currently held over zoom


  • Limites spaces available secure your position today
  • Group session
  • Exclusive workbooks
  • Module videos
  • Three Biweekly 45min wellness check-ins
  • Group session
  • Exclusive workbooks
  • Module videos
  • Wellness check-in not included
  • Group session
  • Exclusive workbooks
  • Module Videos
  • Weekly 45min wellness Sessions

Restoring The King is a new online program to help Men of Color navigate mental wellness.

Does this sound like you?
  • Do you lack motivation?
  • Do you struggle to communicate with your romantic partner
  • Do you feel unproductive and distracted at work?
  • Are you overworking due to a lack of focus?
  • Do you often disconnect from family and friends
Now more than ever, Black men are experiencing direct and indirect forms of trauma. This program allows Black men to heal and begin their wellness conversation around the restoration. This six-week program will allow Black men to identify, label, and communicate their areas of emotional and mental traumas and/or experiences without feeling embarrassed, unheard, and silent about their traumas. This healing experience will give them a restorative sense of self, build their confidence, cultivate leadership skills, and improve the family dynamic and atmosphere.
Restoring the King is a program designed to:
  • Reduce emotional triggers
  • Reduce anxiety & depression
  • Reduce excessive working and overthinking
  • Help with the anxiety of meeting new people or pubic speaking
  • Manage irritability and aggressive behavior
  • Assist with communication roadblocks
  • Assist with not feeling seen and heard
  • Help wit lost of intimate connection with loved ones
In an effort to:
  • Create healthier romantic relationships
  • Decrease distance between family and friends
  • Increase ability to communicate more
  • Create more flexibility and self-compassion
  • Allow you to be an impactful leader in home
  • Reduce stress
  • Help with creativity and innovation
  • Equip with tools for bonging growth and development
Here’s what participants get:
  • One on one group trauma-focused therapy
  • Workbook and activity planner
  • Build Community and relationships
  • A clear plan of action to improve their well being and family dynamic
  • Access to Licensed Clinical Therapist with expertise in Trauma

Restoring the King Testimonies

Before the 6 week program, I felt lost and unsure what to do. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t have a safe space and the tools to deal with stress, grief, and anxiety in a healthy way. I worked with Nia and now I feel more secure in myself. I am still on the journey of processing and healing from my trauma, but I now know a new freedom, love, and acceptance of myself and others. – Jonathan Sims 

I am now a more confident person as a result of working with Nia and applying the tools she provided in the 6 weeks program. – David Lazcano

I used to feel overwhelmed from suppressing my thoughts and feelings, but now I verbalize how I feel with emotionally intelligent conversations. I used to care more about other people’s opinions about me than my own, now I take other people’s opinions as feedback. I used to subconsciously fear stepping into my greatness because it was uncomfortable, now I strive for self-actualization and do everything with intention. I used to be so caught up in the past and the future, now I focus more on being in the present. I used to play victim to my abuser/s and look at them as a villain, but I took my power back with forgiveness. – Cameron Cash