Henry Health Inc.

Henry Health addresses a problem that no one has been able to solve and that people have been scared of attempting to solve.

One in five U.S. adults experience mental illness each year and adult blacks are 20% more likely to experience mental health issues compared to the general population. Tackling this problem requires a unique understanding of cultural differences and the utilization of mobile technology.

The factors that cause or exacerbate mental illness are often found in higher numbers among minorities as compared to the general population. Our goal at Henry Health is to make access to mental health care accessible and convenient, removing all barriers to seeking treatment.

We are superserving black men through our first digital community, Men Thrive. Black men have the lowest life expectancy of any adult subgroup in the United States. Changing the health of black men will improve their economic and social potential, and ultimately change the world.

To serve diverse populations, Henry Health is proud to guarantee culturally intentional care and tailored content built on evidence-based practices. Our practitioners have access to ongoing training designed by leading academics to equip them to treat any population dealing with emotional and mental health issues.

Founder of Henry Health Inc., Kevin Dedner, has been one of Restoring the King’s hosts.

We believe cultural intentionality equals cultural integrity. We put culture first in our approach to delivering therapy and self-care support.

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