Justin Oliver – I actually came to the Restoring the Kings because I felt it would allow me to become a better partner in my relationship….which it actually did but not in the way I was expecting. As a result of the coaching, I became for the 1st time (in a long time) a better and honest partner for towards myself. I finally developed some courage to look at myself, situation, and take ownership fully by saying I need working on things in myself which require me to remove myself from this relationship so that I can focus on healing the relationship with myself. I really needed that. It’s still scary and raw because I don’t know where I’m going but I do deep down feel this is the right direction for me.

Jonathan Sims  – I came to coaching because I ran out of excuses and distractions. The pandemic forced me to sit down and deal with my problems that I thought I outran. I was tired of failed relationships. I was tired of feeling empty and alone, even when surrounded by friends/family. I was tired of holding up a massive shield that keeps everyone at a safe distance. I found out about Restoring the King via LinkedIn and it was like my ram in the thicket. I was looking to find out who I am, dive deep into my skeleton-filled closet, and challenge my old habits/mindset and Restoring the King offered all of that and more. Although my journey is far from over, I can say with pride that I am a different person than I was before the 6-week program. I’m glad that I took the leap of faith.